Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Since absorption from the gut is poor, the major portion of ingested DDT is excreted unchanged in the feces, with the remaining DDT excreted in the bile or stored in adipose tissue from which it is removed and gradually eliminated in the urine.

DDT is metabolized by the liver, is fat soluble and therefore, its absorption through the skin is enhanced when present in an oil base solution or emulsion form. Absorption by the lung is rapid when DDT is present as an aerosol. Dieldrin may be absorbed from the skin in a dry powder.

Acute toxicity can occur due to either acute exposure or as a result of the utilization of fat containing high concentrations of accumulated DDT during periods of starvation. The DDT which was stored in the fat is suddenly released into the bloodstream and results in signs of acute organochlorine poisoning.

Imagine if the hundereds of Billions US $ that were spent by US Military to kill people in Iraq, were putto rid Africa of diseaes and hunger. It would have been enoughto grant every human being beter education adn better health and abolish hunger from the planet!

Was that too difficult for the imagination of the NeoCons , or was it too "soft" for the guts of the GOP! Or did they have a mandate from their voters to only be stupid as far as histroy ever told.
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