Monday, September 25, 2006
  End Timers : The religious right are doing everything they can to start war in the middle east
The Doomsday Code

Source: Channel 4 in the UK showed a great program called the doomsday code.

In this Channel 4 documentary Tony Robinson investigates the people with powerful political friends in the White House, who are trying to bring about the end of the world.

Julia Bard reports: Today, though, a growing number of American evangelical Christians reckon they have cracked the code. These End Timers believe that every weird word of Revelation predicts real events. Like a Hollywood sci fi movie they say that any time now the world will end. And when it does, true believers in Christ will be whisked up to heaven in an event called The Rapture while non-believers are left behind on earth to face famine, war, terror and destruction as the forces of good and evil fight to the bitter end.

The religious right are doing everything they can to start war in the middle east, they are giving money to jews so they can take arab homes and stir up more hatred, they are advising Bush on current events and trying to lead him to start a war because they believe this will lead to christs 2nd coming.

This could also be why the US doesn't do anything about the environment because they believe it doesn't matter anyway because no one will be around anyway.

This is very scary, especially if Bush is one of these end timers (and I believe he is otherwise he wouldn't go to them for advice) because war will happen in the middle east, first there will be another attack on the US by the US and then he will try to start the end of the world.

If you see this program repeated or available to download, I would definitely try to watch it as its a real eye opener.
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