Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  This is a Pashtun uprising by the people - Ahead of meeting, Musharraf slams Karzai

Ahead of meeting, Musharraf slams Karzai
Source : Times of Indea

WASHINGTON: Ahead of the Bush-Musharraf-Karzai trilateral meeting, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has slammed his Afghanistan counterpart for "purposely turning a blind eye" to so-called alienation in his country."

"He is not oblivious. He knows everything. But he's purposely denying, turning a blind eye, like an ostrich. He doesn't want to tell the world what is the facts, for his own personal reasons.

"This is what I think.... In the government in Afghanistan, there is a certain community which is feeling alienated. And this community has 50 to 60 per cent representation of Afghanistan. And that is his problem. He has to balance out. And he is not being able to do that.And, therefore, he is trying to hide that everything is happening from Pakistan", Musharraf told CNN on Tuesday.

"If he keeps going wrong, I have been telling the world since three months, we are delaying. We are getting late. All this that I read is what is happening in Afghanistan in all the provinces. This is a movement going on. This is a Pashtun uprising by the people going on."

"If he doesn't understand this, he will keep going on, and we are going to lose in Afghanistan" he claimed. Musharraf stressed that Pakistan and Afghanistan should not be compared in the strategies on the war on terror saying that Islamabad is quite capable to conduct operations on its own in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaida leaders and that there are enough weapons at the disposal of Pakistan to see this through. "Sovereignty is a sensitive issue in Pakistan"

Comment : when thievs quarrel, the truth comes out!
Hamid Karzai slams Musharraf

Washington, Sept. 28 (PTI): A day after Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf accused his Afghan counterpart of not wanting to confront the ground reality in his country, it was the turn of Hamid Karzai, who slammed the former for "not doing enough" to stop some madrassas in Pakistan breeding extremists.

Karzai's remarks in an interview to CNN, asserting that the use of extremism as an "instrument of national policy" is not in the best interests of Pakistan, comes just ahead of the Pak-US-Afghan dinner meeting at the White House.

"He is right to say that I know the facts (about what is happening in Afghanistan). I indeed know the facts, but I also know a lot of facts in Pakistan.

"And that's why I am pleading with President Musharraf that, for the sake of security for all of us and for our allies, it is extremely important to place serious attention and take action against some of the places called madrassas that are not madrassas, but are training extremists full of hatred for the rest of the world," Karzai said.

Karzai argued that Musharraf was not doing enough at all to stop that kind of religious training and that the "sanctuary" for extremists inside Pakistan will have to go.

"Not doing enough at all and I want all of us to take more action," he said.

"If on the one hand Afghan people are asking for more schools, better education, more help, they cannot be ones to destroy themselves. Somebody else must be doing it and that someone else is the sanctuary in Pakistan to terrorists.

"That sanctuary has to go," he emphasised.

On Musharraf's deal with tribal leaders in North Waziristan, he said although the whole thing does not "look nice" it would have to be given some time.

But Karzai maintained that the deal is with the Taliban and some tribal chiefs.

"I read the deal in detail today again before I came to this interview. The deal clearly says it is with the Taliban and some tribal chiefs," he said and quoted a report as saying that since the accord was signed there has been an increase of 300 per cent in attacks across the border into Afghanistan.

"So at this point, it doesn't look nice. But let's give it some time. Let's see as to how it will develop."

"I'm not very sure it's good for us, because the people that they have signed a deal with in Pakistan are those who have been killing the Pashtun tribal chiefs in Pakistan, are those who have been killing the secular elements in Pakistan," the Afghan leader maintained.

Pressed on whether he is not convinced that this is a good deal, Karzai replied "I'm not convinced at all. It is causing a lot of trouble for the Pashtuns there."

Karzai once again said the leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar is in Quetta, Pakistan and in the process brushed aside Musharraf's emphatic statements that he is not there.

"The information that we have in Afghanistan -- Mullah Omar went, right around the time of the anti-terror operation in October of 2001, away from Afghanistan. And ever since, he has been in Pakistan, and in Quetta. That is where he is. Now, we're not trying to blame Pakistan. We're not trying to blame President Musharraf. We are simply seeking cooperation."

"Over the years, they were trained in Pakistan at those madrassas. They were given resources in Pakistan...we are trying to tell them that what they may perceive as in their interest -- that is, the use of extremism within their country and outside of their country as an instrument of policy -- is not good for them," the Afghan leader said.

Source : The Hindu News
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